[MylfClassics] Macy Meadows, Rayveness (Attention for Two / 01.24.2024)


What’s up, Mylf lovers? MylfClassics We’ve got one hell of a Classics scene to gush about, so let’s jump right into the fun. Originally published on December 26th, 2021, this Bad Milfs scene is an absolute delight. This scene hit the ground running upon its release and remains a fan favorite. It’s easy to see why. Rayveness and Macy Meadows are an unrivaled power duo here, and both babes go all out to make for one unforgettable scene. In this scene, Rayveness is a fantastic stepmom to Macy and Juan. The two stepsiblings are constantly bickering and fighting for their stepmom’s attention. When Rayveness learns Macy likes another girl, she gives her stepdaughter sexual advice. She teaches Macy how to go down on another girl so that Macy can really impress this crush of hers. As Rayveness and Macy are going at it, Juan walks by, and seeing his stepmom eat Macy out makes him extremely jealous – and extremely horny. He admits to Rayveness that he wants the same attention his stepsis gets, so she gets right to work by sucking his cock. But Macy sees this, and now she too is jealous, wanting Rayveness all to herself. When Rayveness stumbles up Macy and Juan arguing, she makes things right by letting them both have a piece of her at the same time.

Date: January 26, 2024

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