[LilSis] Angel Gostosa (Sweet And Sexy – S2:E5 / 2024)


Max Fills is looking to LilSis choose a new stepsister, but first he gets to go through the potential newcomer’s room and see what she’s all about. Initially Max is surprised at what he finds while exploring her room. Eventually he finds that Angel Gostosa is a bit of a freak who keeps a hidden dildo and stores whipped cream in her closet.

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When Max calls Angel on being a basic bitch, she is determined to prove otherwise. The whipped cream isn’t for her; she sprays some on her hand and has him eat it. It’s clear that instantly turns her on, so Max keeps spraying and eating the cream. It’s not long before they’re making out in Angel’s bed with their clothes coming off between kisses. Things escalate from there, with Angel getting whipped cream licked from her tits and then enjoying a pussy licking. When she gets her own turn to blow Max’s fuck stick, she takes it with enthusiasm.
Sinking down onto Max’s hardon, the horny Latina rides him with total abandon. They’re good together, so Angel keeps the party going on her knees with Max dicking her down from behind. Spooning together, they keep on making out as Max muffles Angel’s moans with his own mouth. Then he does her on her back, driving nice and deep until he’s ready to pop. Pulling out just in time, Max cums on Angel’s chest as they agree they’d be excellent stepsiblings.
Date: February 24, 2024
Actors: Angel Gostosa

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