Case No. 6615433 – The Lingerie Thief


Molly had never caused any Case No. 6615433 problems for anyone in her life

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Molly had never caused any problems for anyone in her life. She lived by the rules and had always been reserved, but when push came to shove, she had a kinky side that needed to be fed. Thinking she’ll be able to get away easily, Molly steals from a local clothing store. But she isn’t as slick as she believes, and before she can make her escape, she is reprimanded by loss prevention officer Dorian. In Dorian’s office, Molly faces strict interrogation. She swears her innocence, but Dorian isn’t buying it. After checking security footage, Dorian needs Molly to cooperate in a more thorough search. When Dorian wants to conduct a strip search, Molly knows the jig is up. She removes her clothes, and underneath, she has on lacy red lingerie. Dorian recognizes the lingerie in an instant, knowing full well it is from the store. Molly confesses and explains she’s been having some issues at home, and this seemed like her only solution. Dorian isn’t a wicked soul. He wants to help the sexually frustrated milf. He thinks he may have a deal both he and Molly can benefit from. Dorian has been a little stressed himself, and he wants Molly to massage his cock, amongst other things. Molly is certain this isn’t Dorian’s first time pulling this stunt with a shoplifter, but she submits to Dorian’s whim with little else she can do. At first, Molly is a bit taken aback by Dorian’s sexual demands. She’s never been in such a submissive position before. But once she starts sucking Dorian’s cock, being in someone else’s control starts to become fun. Molly finds that being submissive turns her on immensely. His cock fills her mouth entirely, and if she wants to get off with absolutely zero consequences, she knows she has to impress him. She plays coy – Molly doesn’t want to let Dorian know she’s enjoying their little session too much. When Dorian is satisfied with Molly’s blowjob, he wants to feel her pussy. The situation has made Molly very wet, but she still plays coy, trying to use her marriage as an excuse as to why they can’t fuck. But Dorian sees through Molly’s facade. He knows that she’s been dying for a good dick down for some time now. Dorian bends Molly over the desk and fucks her from behind. His cock stretches Molly out, and she feels all the sexual tension she’s had built up start to melt away. Dorian turns Molly around and lays her on the desk so he can see her face while he fucks her. The two moan loudly, eyes locked, reveling in the moment. Dorian and Molly fuck in various positions, enjoying each other for as long as possible. When Dorian is about to cum, he has Molly get on her knees so that he can cum in her mouth. She lets his load drip onto her tongue and keeps jerking him off as he cums, making for an intense sensation. She savors the taste and takes every drop she can get. Dorian is so grateful that he lets Molly leave and keep the lingerie. Though it looks like if Molly ever needs to get fucked, she can just shoplift and hope to find Dorian again.
Date: February 29, 2024
Actors: Molly Manning

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