DigitalPlayground – Sweethearts Episode 1


Reunions are a time to brag to all DigitalPlayground your old friends about how great things are going… even when it’s far from the truth. High school sweethearts Lisa and David (Aubree Valentine and Alex Jones) seem to be as in love as ever, but tensions roil beneath the surface, while Chrissy and Allan (Anna Claire Clouds and Zac Wild) can’t say two words without arguing. Still, as the four finally make it to the campsite they’re ready for a weekend of fun… at least until Marcy and Frank (Lily Lou and Small Hands) arrive. Frank gets upset with a brush-off from David and storms away from the campfire, and Chrissy goes after him… and before long the bad boy is reminding the preppy blonde of old times as she sucks his cock, then fucks him in the tent. But cheating is only the beginning of these sweethearts’ worries…

Date: February 6, 2024

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